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With over 70% of the MGA market and 20 years of serving the UK insurance industry, we are leaders in consultancy and rapid solution development. Our no-code tool platform, iQsuite, combined with a state of the art contract engine, iQcodex and BDX, our Binder Management Platform is ideal for MGAs in the USA.

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Combining Consultancy With Our Revolutionising Tools To Help MGAs and Value Chain Providers In Insurance Markets

Although we work with the entire insurance value chain, Delegated Underwriting Authority Enterprises (DUAEs) in the USA will particularly find our solutions refreshing amongst all the value chain providers in the US Insurance markets. The progressive MGA in the USA is looking for rapid solutions with 100% flexibility and near-zero deployment time. 

You can engage with us in an agile mode for consultancy and solution development for:
•    New Product Development, Governance & Renewals
•    Audit & Compliance

•    Bordereaux Processing
•    On-Boarding Facilities and Ongoing Management

For the unaffiliated MGA, the complexity of data handling and interfacing with your carrier is a huge challenge. 

Don’t compromise on your digital value chain. We have automated solutions to help you with interfacing any carrier for:
•    Binding
•    Underwriting

•    Premium Collections
•    Claims Processing
•    Reinsurance

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