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Risk and Compliance


Watertrace focuses on the changing environment of the insurance industry and can help you and your business stick to new regulations, improve efficiency across the board and minimize risks. We can do this by helping you to map, manage and digitize your processes to provide transparency and continuity across your business, as well as keep clients and team members as up to date as possible.

To be an innovative business that is leading in your field, you need to ensure governance and compliance for every process you map in your business.

Governance needs to be a vital part of innovation in your company, and although compliance focuses on mitigating risks and making sure company activities meet legal and regulatory requirements, it is also about building trust, becoming efficient and preparing you for change.

Automatically adding in compliance to your business processes can mitigate risks easily. By using one of our software's at Watertrace, we can help you automate your business processes that stick to new regulations and remain efficient. This way, you will be ready for any new imposed regulations and rules in an instant.

Transform Your Business With Watertrace

Focus on regulatory compliance and improve adaptability skills across the whole team to act fast when faced with change

Boost your productivity, visibility and internal governance

Mitigate risks


Focus on security and protect company privacy

Reduce costs and identify inefficiencies 

Digital Work Life

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