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The Complete Binder Management Solution

As Our Clients Move To A Non-Bordereaux World, We Provide The Solution To Achieve That

BDX is our complete binder management solution. This data transformation module is a highly flexible and easy to implement insurance data transformation tool.

It enables insurers to change the conversation with their Coverholders by processing any bordereau, in any format and, creating output files for transfer to a customer’s existing system, and instantly populating BDX. The requirement to force the use of particular formats has become a thing of the past.

Bordereaux received by email or other electronic media are automatically processed using pre-defined business rules. Each bordereau is mapped to a single common format, from which the data can be validated and enriched before being transferred to BDX.

BDX can be used alongside many other applications for processing bordereau, monitoring workflow, and analysing data.

Key Features

Complete Audit Management including managing audit findings to completion

Report on everything via dashboards and bespoke reports

Steering Committee consisting of all BDX clients meet to set the direction of future BDX development

Online user community allowing all users of BDX to raise questions/comments, and request new features

API Suite providing the ability to import Facility, Company, Exchange Rates, USM and SCM information 3rd party sources

Record all the details of the full binder contract, ready to validate against the bordereau that is received

Automatically manage outstanding bordereaux against each Coverholder and contract

Review the full historical progression of individual declarations and claims

Record all the companies involved, such as Coverholders, Brokers, Insurers, Auditors, and TPAs

The complete end to end credit control process managed


Within seconds of receipt of emails, or other electronic media, the risk/premium/claim data is immediately available for review and analysis in BDX. BDX provides the following functionality in six major components:


BDX records the full multi-section binder contract as structured information, ready to reconcile, and report on variances, against the bordereau data as it is processed.


Information captured includes:

  • Per risk and aggregate limits

  • EPI

  • Location restrictions


BDX includes a comprehensive reporting module to provide MI and BI reports to management, underwriters, credit control and claim handlers. A core reporting pack is included as standard which can be tailored to your exact requirements. Also included in the standard offering is a report builder capability allowing trained users to create their own reports from BDX.


BDX manages all of the parties associated with the binder contract, including Coverholder, Brokers, Insurers, Auditors, and TPAs. The information captured for each includes: addresses, bank details, the individuals forming part of the company, any associated documentation and periods of compliance.


Within BDX, bordereau data is validated against the contractual conditions of the facility to highlight:

  • Total Sum Insured and sub limit breaches

  • Aggregate limit breaches

  • Breaches of location restrictions

  • Maximum policy periods

  • And many more breaches


Record the complete audit process centrally within BDX against Facilities, Coverholder and Auditors already captured. Additionally:

  • Capture audit findings of the audit and manage to completion

  • Report on audit progress and planning;

  • Capture costs, documents, and ratings

Credit Control

BDX automatically performs reconciliation of individual risks (including locations) and claims against premium entries submitted by the Coverholder on premium notification bordereaux. 

USM and SCM information can be imported to enhance this capability of BDX further providing reconciliation of notified premium against actual payments at a section level.

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