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Process Improvement

Learn how to map, manage and improve your processes today with Watertrace and iQcodex

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Let us accelerate your processes with the iQsuite for workflow automation. Clear and simple enough for the whole team to navigate, yet strong enough to transform your business.

Take Your Business Processes To New Levels

When it comes to the insurance industry, standardising processes and making sure you are minimising errors can help you finish business projects on time and to a high standard, whilst also increasing both client and employee satisfaction.


Watertrace and iQcodex provides your business with innovative and exciting new ways to capture processes, gain insights, engage with your employees and clients, and reduce inefficiencies. 

We want to help your business adopt a long-term focus on process improvement and our aim is for us to make that transition as smooth as possible. Our team have experience building process excellence with teams and clients across the globe. We can provide strategic guidance and talk you through how you can build and improve your own processes. 

Standardise Processes With Our Highly-Developed Software

- Capture Knowledge

- Maximise Your Time

- Avoid Any Duplications


Empty Your Process Waste

- Explore Current and Future States

- Work on Impact

- Figure out Dependencies

Reduce Wasted Company Time

- Reduce Inefficiencies

- Uncover Risks

- Automate Your Workflows

Improve Your Processes

- Continue to Optimise

- Focus on Transparency

- Encourage Ownership with Team Efforts

Transformative Ways of Working

Work your way towards digital transformation

Significantly reduce inefficiencies and costs

Improve customer experiences and feedback, whilst increasing engagement and boosting revenue

Ensure compliance and focus on risk mitigation

Digital Work Life

Get Started With Watertrace Today

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