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After being established by Mike Barr in 2002, Watertrace became a full service management consulting firm that provides consulting and system integration services to a wide range of insurance and banking firms.


In the middle of 2005, Watertrace was engaged by Aon to run a market-wide survey into electronic placement before we realised there was an opportunity to automate data transformation and integration. Larry Page from Google noted more data had been produced in the last 12 months than in the history of mankind up to that point. Watertrace then delivered BDX to QBE in 2008.

As a company, we continue to strive for the best every day forward. We have figured out how to provide the combined strength of business consulting and software engineering, and this allows us to provide our clients with breadth and depth of solutions.


Watertrace has built a wide-ranging capability in the Financial Services sector and offers expertise in a full range of services:

Strategy Alignment

Post-Merger Integration

Package Selection and Technology

Process Engineering and Change


Balanced Scorecard and Performance

Project and Programme Management

Business Process Transformation Regulatory  and Risk Management

Watertrace is firmly established in its involved markets and this commitment means we have a full understanding of the current business challenges facing all firms. The solutions we come up with at Watertrace are created using methodologies and tools that deliver real results for businesses. We deliver these solutions as part of our commitments and full engagement with clients which are tailored to individual business circumstances and strategy.



We commit to making meaningful connections with all of our clients as well as with each other on the team. We are a company that supports one another and love to collaborate with clients and experts across the globe.


Our clients can trust us to come up with solutions that work. Our highly-qualified team of data analysts and insurance experts know that simplicity is key. As a result, we keep even the most confusing and highly complex tasks simple.


Watertrace is a company that continues to expand, grow, improve and exceed expectations every day. Our team on hand are always seeking ways to improve their knowledge in the field, whilst embracing change and taking initiative.


We maintain a moral compass and conduct any business with clients to the highest ethical standards. We pride ourselves on being diverse and inclusive. Finally, we are a team that supports ideas over a hierarchy, which makes us reliable and fair.

Meet The Leadership Team

We are proud of our ecosystem of talent here at Watertrace, and focus on building an environment that is innovative and collaborative. Our team are passionate about the industry and constantly deliver value to our clients. 

Mike Barr

CEO and Founder

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Philip Brown

Principal Consultant

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Theo Mortis

CTO and Chief Architect


Maria Martin

Head of Operations

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