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Vendor Selection

The vendor selection process starts with the organisation defining its business requirements. Directly driven by the organisations business strategy, this crucial activity results in a set of requirements which form the focal point for the entire vendor selection process. By defining what processes require support, and in what way, without considering inherent hindrances from specific system functionality, a framework for objective decision making throughout the process is established.

The vendor selection process can be a major distraction and overhead for existing staff members. Watertrace can bring expertise and experience through the entire process:

Comprehensive market knowledge to enable all appropriate potential vendors to be identified;
Production of both the Request for Information ("RFI") and Request for Proposal ("RFP") based on the defined business requirements and our substantial experience of producing these integral documents;
Management of all communications with the vendors on behalf of the business ensuring an even handed approach to all questions and requests;
Review of all responses to the RFI & RFP, and provision of analysis to assist the business in its assessment;
Management of all vendor demonstrations to ensure the business get value out of the time they devote to this activity; and
Proven methodology to ensure a structured and objective process throughout.

Digital Work Life

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