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Package Implementation

As with the Vendor selection process, there are many benefits to obtaining external assistance during the configuration and implementation of the chosen system. Watertrace provide consultants who have practical experience in the implementation of Package Software Solutions within the Insurance Industry both in the London (incl. Lloyd's) and General Insurance Market.

A common mistake made by companies going through a major implementation is to underestimate the complexity of their operations, the extent of system setup or configuration, the level of User Acceptance Testing, and the impact the implementation will have on their business.

Like most other projects, the success of a software implementation will be based upon the skill of the people involved, training, planning, and the effort put forth. It is most beneficial to have the employees who have the most practical knowledge involved in the system setup and testing.

We can assist in all areas affected by implementation of Package Software:

Work with both the Software vendor and the organisation to define a structured Project Plan for implementation of the software package being provided;
Review and document existing business and system process;
Produce a Business Requirements Document highlighting where variances exist;
Produce a detailed Business Functional Specification which will be the baseline for the Software Vendor to work from when delivering the software; this will highlight in detail any customisation required;
Define, specify and develop the data conversion or migration strategy if needed;
Produce a detailed Business Functional Specification for any additional interfaces or feeds required for both internal and external systems (i.e. Xchanging, General Ledger, BACS, MIS, Document Management and Production etc.);
Specification of detailed User Acceptance Test Plans; Definition of training plans consisting of written procedures for the tasks the user must perform and delivery of hands-on training in conjunction with the Software Vendor’s delivery; and
Post-Implementation support: the success or failure of an implementation project is directly related to the efforts put into it. Information systems are a critical part of managing operations; we will support and effectively manage your change to maximise the chance of success.

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