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Maximising Operational Efficiency

Client Business Issue
This client had initiated an IT Strategy Review following a growing awareness that the current IT Infrastructure was not sufficient to meet its growing needs. Following the review, it was apparent that there were wider-reaching operational issues, which would require to be addressed to avoid significant IT spend, without achieving the desired results. Using a Balanced Scorecard approach enabled the organisational impact to be assessed and targets created in line with re-engineered processes. The end result was a significantly more streamlined method of writing insurance, with the required infrastructure in place to support it.

Value Received by the Client
We adopted a Balanced Scorecard approach from initiation of this review project to ensure that any decisions that were made around IT development considered the implications from an organisational and process perspective. The outcome was the the systems that were implemented as part of this programme were aligned with the business needs of the organisation after the review, rather than the merely maintaining the status quo. The business was able to re-deploy its staff to areas where their value would be maximised based upon their skill-sets and the processes were aligned with the new organisational structure of the firm.

Digital Work Life

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