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Programme Management Office (PMO)

The Watertrace Programme Management Office provides organisations with efficient management of projects and programmes, providing standardisation, efficient communication and transparency.

Even with a small number of projects, it is sometimes difficult to understand the dependencies, and the impact of changing deliverable dates for one project. This can further be complicated by project managers that apply different methodologies to their projects. A Programme Management Office (PMO) is the answer.


A PMO is a central organisation that integrates project management practices within the programme, establishes and maintains standards and processes for project management across all projects, provides services and support for project managers and enables structured communication. Therefore it is the central source of documentation, guidance and metrics for all projects and programmes. The Watertrace PMO responds to this challenge by establishing a managed service that provides expertise as well as the supportive tools to effectively implement and maintain a project management office within an organisation.

The approach

The PMO is tailored to the unique circumstances of your individual project and programme needs. The necessary tools will be implemented into your structure to enable effective processes and a maximum of standardisation without losing the flexibility needed in the ever changing project environment. A standard set of project documentation will then be entered into a centralised repository, to enable documentation and reporting from one central source of information.

Helping project managers to concentrate on delivery

The majority of tracking and reporting is automated and supported by the PMO enabling your project managers to focus on delivery.

Drive up transparency

By enabling a centralised source of information across all projects, with balanced and consistent reporting, the transparency and quality of the whole programme reporting will be greater. More than that, the ownership and accountability of milestones and deliverables form a central part of the PMO reporting.

Manage by exceptions

The daily monitoring of deliverables, milestones, risks and actions enables you to focus on project exceptions. Escalation of project issues and addressing problems will take place outside of your organisational structure, free from any internal obligations or pressure.

Easy access to project information

By establishing a central information depository, you will be able to quickly and easily access necessary project information.