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What if projects used one central organisation to control consistency, leaving project managers free to manage?

Often it is the case that organisations undertake a programme of work comprising numerous inter-related projects rather than completing disparate projects sequentually. When such a programme is undertaken, it is possible that each project could use a different method for reporting, communicating and documentation. As inter-related projects, it is usual for the governance structure for each project to be similar, or at least include many of the same individuals. A lack of consistency in the project deliverables and project reporting increases confusion and reduces the ability for synergies between the projects to be established.

Additionally, if at the start of each project within a programme the project manager has to establish their own set of principles in terms of reporting, formatting, version control, documentation and communication, the opportunity cost is significant. Project team members working on multiple projects could easily become confused between different project principles resulting in a lack of standardisation within that one project. A consistent approach has to be maintained both within and across projects, within the overall programme of work.