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What if every business decision and action was focused upon achieving our central strategic objectives?

Organisations face the constant challenge to ensure that the cost:revenue ratio is efficiently balanced. Striving to reduce costs, whatever the end result, can have as negative an impact as not measuring costs at all. During strategic planning phases organisations plan methods for obtaining the strategic goals of the organisation. It is unusual that these goals will take a revolutionary approach, unless the organisation is going through significant re-organisation and transformational change. The challenge therefore is to ensure that change is iterative and cumulative to ensure that smaller non-transformational adjustments can improve overall efficiency.

As a goal, continuous organisational improvement is difficult to achieve because by its very nature to be continuous means that every action or decision has to impact positively upon the organisation. Projects which strive to improve organsiational efficiency generally have the impact of improving a specific area, rather than improving the entire method of operations. In contrast, true operational efficiency focuses upon the entire organisation resulting in each decision and action having an iterative and cumulative improvement for the business.