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The Data Solution

The BDX data transformation module is a highly flexible and easy to implement insurance data transformation tool. It enables insurers to change the conversation with their coverholders by processing any bordereau, in any format and, creating output files for transfer to a customer’s existing system, and instantly populating bdx. The requirement to force the use of particular formats has become a thing of the past.



Bordereaux received by email or other electronic media are automatically processed using pre-defined business rules. Each bordereau is mapped to a single common format, from which the data can be validated and enriched before being transferred to BDX.




The Information Solution

Within seconds of receipt of emails, or other electronic media, the risk/premium/claim data is immediately available for review and analysis in BDX. BDX provides the following functionality in six major components:




BDX can be used alongside many other applications for processing bordereau, monitoring workflow, and analysing data. Below is an overview of how these applications can be used together.