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Implementing a PMO to Improve Stakeholder


Programme Management Office

Implementation of Project Management Support Platform

Client Business Issue
Inconsistent project reporting across a substantial programme of work resulted in a lack of clarity for stakeholders within the organisation. Programme data for the organisation was lacking, managers and stakeholders were unable to view the status of all projects in terms of progress, budget, risk and other key factors. Significant project management resource required to administer and create ad-hoc reports to try to resolve stakeholder visibility issues resulting in a lack of quality assurance and governance across projects.

Value received by client
A Programme Management Office function and methodology was designed and implemented based upon the specific issues for the client. This provided a consistent level of project documentation and reporting for stakeholders, including an overview of all projects within the client inclusive of inter-dependencies and risks identified. This framework was delivered alongside engaging with project managers to ensure it became part of everyday project management practices.

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