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Effective Communication Key to Successful Change

Developing a Communications Strategy within a medium-sized Lloyds insurer

Client Business Issue
This insurer was completing an IT implementation which had far-reaching consequences on the organisation; however, a communication plan had not been considered as part of the project. Following a mid-term project review, it was apparent to the client that the internal 'rumour mill' was fostering expectations that were unrealistic and not achievable.

Value Received by the Client
Consistent and clear communication can be the difference between successful change and change failure. We commenced a communications strategy review which outlined that communication within the firm was not frequent enough, and was not being properly understood and disseminated throughout the organisation. In addition to establishing a communications plan for the IT implementation project, a more effective communications strategy was agreed using a number of mediums (including email, website, electronic memos) which outlined the expected project deliverables, together with building constructive a "business as usual" message. Two-way communication channels were established which enabled those at the coal face to present business improvements to senior management and thus improve the overall running of the organisation.

Digital Work Life

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