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Data Warehouse

Client Business Issue
In this insurance company, a variety of Management Information reports were created from a disparate array of systems, using manual collation of data, which was excessively time-consuming and prone to error. The narrow focus of such single-system reports allowed only a small piece of the full picture to be seen at any one time. To realise the full potential of the information contained within the company systems the client needed to unify data across its heterogeneous systems.

Value Received By Client
A complete Data Warehouse solution was designed and developed based upon the client's reporting requirements, providing a single view of data from multiple systems to be analysed and reported from one place. Data from existing and legacy insurance systems, alongside a legacy financial system was consolidated and transformed to provide the back-bone for the analytical tool. Up-to-date Management Information reports spanning 7 years are now produced quickly and with significantly fewer data errors.

Digital Work Life

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