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Change Management: Engage

The Watertrace Engage methodology is a framework for people, process and performance improvement, designed to facilitate effective change management through engaging individuals in the change. Engage achieves change through:

Engaging individual employees to make the change themselves; and
Transferring the ownership of the change to those who will be affected;

Focusing upon teams within an organisation; and
Improving existing processes by implementing solutions and recommendations developed by the team members.

This team focus is especially beneficial for projects where quick results are required and team building is one of the project objectives. The Engage methodology produces a results-driven approach and affords the company with the ability to better solve problems and harvest solutions, which can be replicated for other changes in the future. Engage is an iterative programme with each iteration building upon the results of prior workshops. What demarcates Engage most from other change methodologies is its flexibility, allowing the methodology to be integrated with other change initiatives to empower success.


The Engage methodology is based upon the completion of three simple steps based around providing a scope for the programme and obtaining sponsorship; conducting workshops and presenting recommendations to sponsors; and implementing those recommendations. The three steps are:

Step One: Scoping and obtaining sponsorship
Step Two: Workshop Process
Step Three: Follow-Up

By managing an organisational change using the Engage Methodology, an organisation allows the individual members to build the solutions themselves to enhance support for the change. By presenting the future-state but not providing the solution to achieve this state, Engage ensures that involved individual’s communicate and present their personal views to achieve the objective, whilst being ultimately responsible for time, support and budget. Change is not imposed; it is immersed in each individual who is responsible for driving the change forward towards achieving the desired future state.

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