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Change Management

Change Management & Executive Planning at a Lloyd's Managing Agency

Client Business Issue
The client was introducing a new IT system which was expected to have significant impact on the users. Historically, users had shown some resistance to change, which the client was keen to address prior to, and in conjunction with, the implementation of the new system. Watertrace was commissioned to establish commitment to change throughout the organisation. Moreover, organisation-wide executive planning was an area where the client required our assistance, to plan and develop strategy sessions and communicate them throughout the organisation.

Value Received By Client
The business benefited from greater overall business engagement in the change effort and vastly improved two-way communication. This lead to increased involvement from staff in change action plans, and a greater degree of staff satisfaction and buy-in to change. A reward and recognition plan was developed that supported the change, and a legacy of trained change agents are in place to ensure future changes are easier to implement.

Digital Work Life

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