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Balanced Scorecard Approach

Watertrace uses a modified Balanced Scorecard approach to provide a complete perspective of the business; including not only the financial perspective but also that of the customer, internal business processes, learning and growth. This structures objectives, measures, targets and initiatives throughout the business to be fully aligned with achieving the organisations' vision & strategy.

By anticipating the changes throughout the business, our experience helps our clients not only manage change, but benefit from that change.

Watertrace’s approach includes predictive analysis of the effects upon a firm’s organisation structure, processes and systems. Supported by mature methodologies, this provides flexible frameworks for delivering timely, measurable results.

Our ability to properly understand the interaction between the various aspects on the Balanced Scorecard leads to an understanding of the change impact. This in turn allows for effective management of the implementation phases which in turn allows Watertrace’s clients to maximise the return from the various change agents. Watertraces' approach does not simply apply each perspective equally, but rather according to the specifics of an organisation's strategy and the position of the business with regard to the business and strategic cycle.

Digital Work Life

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